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Getting the background music right is a very important consideration for any new restaurant or bar. If the music is not evenly distributed then some customers will complain that the music is too loud as you try to fill the gaps in by turning speakers up. Poorly matched speakers and amplifiers can cause distortions that make speech difficult even when the music is set to a relatively low volume level.

Quality audio systems that create the right atmosphere

Our expertise in designing high-end audio systems ensures that the sound in all of our installations is crystal clear, evenly distributed and with a rich flat frequency response. We precisely select and match the correct loudspeakers and amplifiers to ensure that there are no distortions and that speech is effortless at any volume level.

We have installed many background music systems in some fine restaurants around London and the South East. Should the owners wish to have a party or crank the volume up for any reason, we design plenty of headroom into our systems ensuring a smooth transition to higher sound pressure levels.

Our love of audio systems grew from being in bands and throwing large parties back in the 80s and 90s. Our roots are in high quality large pro-audio systems, and our appreciation of music played properly at high volume levels inspires us to provide our clients with the best sound quality possible.

We have fitted out several large bars and some small nightclubs to great success with quality high sound pressure level sound systems including Turbosound, Martin, RCF and JBL. Please call us for some expert advice.

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