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Data and Telecoms

Wired and wireless home computer networks allow users to share files and printers, and provide access to a single high-speed internet connection.


We have many years of experience building secure and reliable home networks. These can integrate with our home automation systems allowing users to control different aspects of their home from a PC, laptop or PDA.


Full Spectrum installs integrated telephone and entry systems that allow users to access various lines from each telephone, talk between rooms, answer the entry phone, and transfer calls, rather like a small office setup. Our systems are fully programmable and upgradeable and allow users to add or remove features to suit their needs.

All of our PABX telephone systems are compatible with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) allowing users very cheap and even free telephone calls around the world.

Future Proofing

We make every effort to future-proof all of our installations to allow for advances in technology and growing bandwidth. The Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is here to stay, and a decent CAT5e, CAT6 or even fibre optic network will go a long way towards ensuring your home's capability of integration with emerging technologies.

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