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Home Data & WiFi Networks

A well thought out home data network provides instant connectivity for the whole family wherever they are within the home. Expandable and adaptable, a decent data network is one of the surest ways of future-proofing your home for years to come, as technology convergence sees an increasing amount of products manufactured with network ports.

Share printers, photos, music - whatever you want!

The basic components of a home data network are structured cabling, a network switch, a router and an optional Wi-Fi network. A data network offers you the freedom to connect to the internet, to access network storage, to share printers and data from anywhere you are in the home. The scenario of writing a document on your laptop and transferring it by memory key to another PC just to print it out is long gone. You can now sit in the lounge with your laptop, hit the print button, and be confident that the document will be waiting in the study for you in the printer tray.

Automatic laptop backup - the minute you walk through the door

A common system we employ is for a customer's laptop to be automatically and completely backed up to a server as soon as they are within Wi-Fi range. The technology is seamless and secure, running in the background with no intervention required from the user. The server can be located in a safe area, perhaps in the basement or even off site within a data centre. In the event that your laptop is stolen, you can be confident that your data will be safe, up-to-date, and easily retrievable.

Full Spectrum has been installing computer networks for both PCs and Apple Macs for well over a decade now. We are established experts at setting up domains, workgroups and simple network shares. We can make technology accessible and enjoyable for even the most computer-illiterate users.

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