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Mobile Phone Boosters

Poor mobile network coverage at home?

It may not be common knowledge, but it is a fairly simple process to improve mobile telephone reception in problem areas.

We discovered that several of our clients could not get a mobile phone signal at all on their properties, or they were able to do so in some rooms but not in others. In particular, basements seem to cause problems with mobile phone reception, as do properties in hilly rural areas.

Full Spectrum Integration have the answer!

In all instances we have been able to fully restore telephone signal strengths where previously our clients were suffering from poor coverage. The technology is seamless and without delay; your mobile phone operates normally and requires no user intervention.

These phone booster systems, technically known as mobile phone repeaters, consist of three main components; an high-gain external roof-mounted aerial for picking up whatever weak telephone signal is in the area, the mobile phone repeater amplifier for boosting the signal, and one or more internal aerials for relaying the restored telephone signal to mobile phones within the building.

The technology is not expensive, and the price is generally proportional to the size of the property. Full Spectrum Integration is now well practised at offering this additional service as part of our repertoire. Please call us to arrange for a survey or an estimate. Even if you think it will be impossible to get a signal you might end up pleasantly surprised.

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