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PABX Phone Systems

PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) telephone systems are the type of phone systems generally found in offices or hotels. They are extremely versatile and self contained, and are becoming increasingly popular within medium to large homes.

A telephone number for each member of the family

As well as offering the ability to make and receive external calls, PABX systems allow users to make calls to other rooms, to transfer calls between rooms, and to place callers on hold. With an ISDN telephone connection, each member of the family can be assigned their own private telephone number that when dialled will only call the telephone in their room(s). There will also be a main number for the residence which can be programmed to call any or all of the telephones within the house.

Pressing the privacy button on your PABX telephone puts it into 'do not disturb' mode; useful if you wish to have a lie in or need to concentrate on something.

Control access to your home from your telephone

PABX systems can also be linked to entryphone systems. If somebody visits the house and presses the entryphone call button, the house phones will ring with a distinctive ringtone that differentiates the visitor from a normal telephone call. Answering the telephone then opens two-way communications with the entryphone system, and the door's lock keep can be released from the telephone keypad.

Say goodbye to the answerphone, with remote access voicemail

PABX systems also have built in voicemail which can be remote accessed, and remove the need for a separate answering machine.

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