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Structured Cabling

A well-planned structured cable network is an essential part of an integrated smart home. This versatile cabling, commonly referred to as CAT5 and CAT6 cable, allows for the connection of computers, telephones, faxes and printers wherever you wish. It is also beginning to replace the cables used for carrying other types of signal such as high-definition video and digital audio.

A Cable Network needs expert planning

CAT5 and CAT6 have become buzzwords recently, with many builders and electricians offering to 'bung in a load of CAT5' as their answer to providing an integrated home solution. Of course it is not as simple as that, and the cable certainly cannot be used for everything. The cable structure needs to be carefully planned, and carefully installed to maintain the properties and tolerance of the cable. It also needs to be installed alongside other important low-voltage cables such as co-axial, speaker and even fibre-optic cables, whilst being kept well away from high voltage cables likely to cause EMF interference.

The best networks are completely invisible

Our engineers have years of experience neatly and efficiently installing kilometres of cable into luxury homes to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Whilst a new-build property provides the perfect opportunity for easily concealing the necessary cables within the walls, we are experts at retrofitting beautiful finished homes with completely invisible cable networks. We use a variety of specialist tools coupled with years of expert knowledge to add hidden technology and wiring to even the most conservative architecture.

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