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Caring for the Environment

Full Spectrum is fully committed to improving the environment through the correct application of existing technologies and by embracing environmentally friendly products. Most home technology companies do not employ the full capabilities of the equipment they sell, tending to focus on the AV side only. Our AV credentials are impeccable, but we also realise that we must efficiently and effectively provide our clients with expert advice and a very broad spectrum of the best technologies, so that they can confidently claim to possess true Smart Homes.

Optimizing Resources

Our installations employ advanced automation systems to centralize control over heating and ventilation (HVAC) equipment, lights and blinds. An array of sensors constantly monitors environmental conditions, adjusting equipment settings to maximize the use of available free energy. Rooms are maintained at optimum temperatures by the automatic control of HVAC, windows, lights and blinds.

Eliminate Electrical Wastage

A carefully designed system will eliminate electrical wastage caused by equipment in Standby. Whole circuits and ring mains can be safely and automatically shut off when you are sleeping or away from home, or when equipment is not in use. You can be confident that your house will not be wasting gas or electricity, and that only essential equipment such as fridges and freezers remain switched on. The whole house can be easily activated at the touch of a button when required.

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