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Energy Management

There has been much talk in the media recently about electrical equipment consuming large amounts of energy even when left in 'Standby' mode. Much of this discussion is well justified as many of these products don't use any less current in 'Standby' as they do when they are fully operational.

Many manufacturers are taking the initiative in this field and doing all they can to design their products to be eco-friendly. Other less-visionary manufacturers will slowly be regulated into reducing the amount of residual current that their new products consume. Most people, however, will not be replacing all of their electrical equipment - it would cause an awful lot of landfill, completely defeating the object.

Full Spectrum Integration offers solutions ensuring that whenever equipment is switched off it draws no current whatsoever. By switching off the mains supply to equipment cupboards, or even whole rooms or electrical circuits, you can guarantee that your electrical consumption will be close to zero when you expect it to be.

In a properly designed eco-house we can ensure that when you want to shut systems down, the only electrical equipment left running will be essential items such as fridges and freezers (and of course the low powered home automation processor required to turn it all back on again). This complete power-down is a simple process that can take place every night, or at least when you are away from your home.

Our intelligent lighting systems offer considerable energy and long-term financial savings over conventional lighting by dimming the circuits and massively increasing bulb life.

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