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Full Spectrum Integration is evolving all of the time. Primarily we are a high-end home cinema and audio visual installation company. The company director is Matt Atkinson. His love of decent Hi-Fi and home cinema equipment is what first drove him to start working within this industry in the 1980s and the reason he went on to set up the business.

Yet over time, our skill set has grown enormously as our customers have desired to integrate their electronic systems closer and closer together. Our expertise and experience in intelligent lighting and home automation systems has grown rapidly, followed by structured cabling, data, telecoms and security systems.

We have successfully worked alongside sophisticated HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) companies on several projects, resulting in some elegant luxury installations where environmental controls are incorporated into our touch screen designs. We also supply electric curtains, blinds and mechanisation.

We can truly claim to be an integrated 'Smart Home' company, as ever on the cutting edge of technology.

Mankind is slowly waking up to the fact that our current demands on the planet's resources are unsustainable. Alternative energy sources and energy management technologies are developing and improving constantly, and many products are now available for independent households.

We are not trying to become an energy management company as well, but we feel well placed to offer expert advice and enthusiasm when it comes to integrating some of these new technologies into the integrated 'Smart Home' model. With this in mind, we welcome opportunities to help you develop any ideas you or your architects might have with regards to eco-technology.

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