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A common feature of a modern automated 'Smart Home' is mechanisation, usually in the form of motorised garage doors, electric gates, blinds, windows or shutters, as well as TV and projector lifts.

Working closely with your interior designers, we can supply a huge variety of silently-operating electric blinds and curtain tracks from Lutron's Sivoia range. We are also happy to work alongside your existing blind supplier to seamlessly integrate their products into your home automation system.

Hide TVs, projectors and screens when not in use

Many people wish to have their TVs, projectors and screens hidden out of sight when not in use and there are an enormous range of electric lifts and reveals available to facilitate this. A common scenario is for a projection screen and projector to disappear up into the ceiling when not in use. Another is for a plasma or LCD television to automatically elevate from within a piece of furniture when a viewer wishes to watch something. At Full Spectrum we try to present new ideas for disguising and revealing technology, and enjoy being set a challenge by our clients.

Vutec have been particularly innovative in designing their Art Screen range. A beautiful painting set within an elegant hardwood frame is miraculously transformed into a plasma screen as the artwork cleverly disappears within the frame. Another US manufacturer, MK1 Studio, has developed a lift that completely hides a 50" plasma screen under the bed!

Electric gates and garage doors provide additional security for your property as well as luxurious convenience. We supply a vast range of actuators for garage doors and gates, and will guide your builders through the installation process from start to finish.

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