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Remote Control

Our home automation systems can afford control of anything you wish within your home, whether you are there or not. Whether it is for convenience, parental control or energy saving, we can provide a solution for any scenario you can think of. We are also very well placed to offer solutions for scenarios you may not have even considered. Here are a few -

Parental Control

It is bedtime for your younger kids, or revision time for your older ones. You wish to ensure that they will not be watching TV when they should be asleep or working. We can program a system that allows you to lock down the TV and audio equipment in their bedrooms either automatically based on a time schedule or manually with a password protected button on a touch screen. Once activated, it will be impossible for them to watch or listen to anything until you allow them to.


You have been on a long trip, you're tired and returning from the airport on a cold evening. You would like the heating to be switched on in the house, ready to greet you on your return. The solution is simple. Full Spectrum Integration will provide you with a secure web-page, easily accessed from a mobile phone where you can remotely activate your heating system at the touch of a button. You could also use the web page to turn on/off lights or indeed any other appliance that you require.

Energy Saving

It is widely acknowledged that leaving equipment in 'Standby' uses unacceptable amounts of energy. Full Spectrum offers solutions that allow you to switch off whole circuits in your house when you are asleep or away from home. These systems can be triggered automatically or via a simple button push, and ensure that only essential devices are left running such as fridges and freezers.

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