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System Controllers

A system controller lies at the heart of any home automation or integrated home system. Consisting of a high speed processor and a variety of interfaces, it allows for communication and coordination between various items of equipment.

Truly integrated automation systems

One of the typical roles of a system controller is for the coordination of macros. For instance, a touch-screen remote control or keypad may have a 'Movie' button. When pressed, this button triggers the system controller to drive a sequence of events in a set pattern. In this instance the events might be: switch on the projector, lower the screen, turn on the amplifier, select the correct input, dim the lights, and send the play command to the DVD player.

Say goodbye to multiple remote controllers

This process completely eliminates the need for the jumble of confusing manufacturer remote controls that are often associated with complicated AV systems. The system processor greatly simplifies operation of equipment for the end user by reducing the amount of button presses to the bare minimum.

Say hello to a truly Smart Home

A system controller is also used for automating processes that would otherwise require human intervention. For instance, a system controller coupled to the correct sensors and actuators could automatically close electric blinds if a room got too hot on a bright sunny day. Or a system controller that detected a trigger from an intruder alarm could automatically close security shutters and cause the lights to strobe on and off.

We supply system controllers from AMX and Crestron, the leading players within the home automation industry.

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