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Touch Screen Remotes

Touch-screen remote controls provide attractive, intuitive user interfaces for otherwise complicated systems. A single touch-screen remote control is designed to completely replace all of the manufacturer remote controls within a room. Not just the TV and audio equipment but the lights, blinds and air-conditioning too.

Touch-panel units can be hard-wired and sit in the wall in the place of a light switch or a keypad. Otherwise they will be hand-held wireless units that sit on a docking station when not in use to recharge the battery. Recent units combine the best of both worlds by employing an in-wall docking station for holding a touch-panel, until the user electronically releases it for wireless operation.

Powerful, versatile systems with simple controls designed just for you

Our touch-screens are custom designed by our in-house programmers to your exact design and requirements. Reducing the number of buttons to as few as possible, we are able to maintain the exact level of control that you require. The result is always the same; no matter how complicated or technology-packed the system, little or no instruction is required for the end user to operate the system.

This technology has been around for many years now, pioneered by the market leaders Crestron and AMX. Unlike most of our competitors, Full Spectrum employs in-house programmers who pay as much attention to the look and feel of the graphics as they do to the complicated code that drives the systems. The systems that we design are personalised, aesthetically pleasing, intuitive to use, and technically excellent.

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