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D-Box Motion Effect Chairs

Now you literally can feel the action!

For the ultimate addition to your high-end home cinema we can install D-Box motion chairs and simulators. Motion editing is a new art form, a new sophisticated discipline where art meets technology meets cinema. It leads to the rise of motion effects (MFX), a multi-sensorial revolution in movie-watching and gaming. Action becomes motion. Sounds become motion. Events become motion. Brace yourself for an entirely new, unforgettably immersive experience.

D-Box technology can be built into an enormous variety of luxury motorised reclining chairs, made from sumptuous leather and optionally equipped with luxuries like cup holders and built in touch screen controls. Movies become alive as events on screen translate to intelligent movement (subtle pitch, roll and heave) to move you gently forwards and backwards, from side to side and up & down. Combine that with D-BOX-encoded intelligent vibrations to really extend the sub bass frequencies, and it all comes together to create the most amazing, all-encompassing entertainment experience ever.

In addition to the luxury seating, D-Box produces a range of gaming simulators currently compatible with the following games:

ARCA Sim Racing
Battlefield 2
Live For Speed
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Need For Speed Undercover
Nitro Stunt Racing
Renault Trucks Racing
X-Motor Racing

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