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Flat Panel Displays : Plasma, LCD / LED TV Screens

The home cinema flat panel technologies that most people will be familiar with are plasma and LCD televisions. Plasma screens generally produce a brighter image and have a wider viewing angle than LCD screens. The technology is better suited for larger displays from 42" to 103" diagonal image size.


LCD screens are now a well established technology, are more energy efficient and generally less expensive than plasma models. LCD screens range from the smallest sizes up to about 50" diagonal.


The latest generation of flat panel displays are LED screens. These screens are in fact LCD screens that use much brighter LED backlights to produce a very bright image with deeper blacks and a higher contrast ratio. They are also much more energy efficient, consuming about 40% less electricity than a conventional LCD screen.


With an eye to the future, OLED technology will probably succeed plasma, LCD and LED technologies. This technology allows screens to display greater brightness, contrast, colour, gamut and viewing angle. The screens have no backlight and are therefore significantly slimmer than current flat panel models. They also use significantly less power than current technologies.

Discreet installation integration for maximum style and simplicity

All of the flat panel displays we supply can be hidden within furniture and be revealed with a motorised lift. We also provide clever frames that automatically disguise the screens behind a piece of artwork when not in use. We provide motorised lifts and reveals from Future Automation, Chief, Auton, VuTec & MK1 Studio. The flat panel displays we use are from Runco, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, NEC and Samsung.

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