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Media Servers

Media servers allow you to copy your entire collection of CDs and movies on to hard drives within a centralised storage unit, offering reliable on-demand playback from anywhere around the home.

This 6-star hotel service eliminates the frustration of trying to play scratched CD/DVD discs and the time spent searching for your favourite movies, songs or photos. It allows you instant access to your entire media collection in any room at any time at the touch of a button. It also eliminates the clutter of CD and DVD cases, often found with their discs mixed up or missing.

Albums or movies can be browsed on screen or on a touch screen remote alphabetically by title, artist, genre or director. You can also browse by cover art, with many of the systems intelligently suggesting choices for you and displaying them on screen. All of our systems are completely scalable, allowing you to add more storage as your media collection grows, and parental control filters are employed to prevent children from watching unsuitable content.

We supply a range of media servers from a variety of manufacturers, tailored to suit your exact needs and budget. We sell systems from Kaleidescape, Imerge, ReQuest and Escient, as well as offering full two-way control and distribution of systems like Apple TV and Windows Media Centre. Please contact us for further information.

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