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Projectors & Projector Screens

Most projectors are based on either LCD or DLP technology, and can be fixed to a ceiling or in some instances fitted within a low-level piece of furniture. Home cinema projectors can be hidden within motorised lifts, and only revealed when in use. Full Spectrum supply a variety of brackets and lifts from manufacturers including, Future Automation, Weibel, Draper Inc and Chief.

Fixed or hidden installation

Projection screens can be permanently fixed to the wall, perhaps covered with a motorised curtain when not in use. This is a common setup in a dedicated home cinema room. Screens can also be automated, allowing them to completely disappear up into the ceiling when not in use. A motorised screen and a projector lift would be ideally suited to a dual purpose home cinema room cum lounge.

Go widescreen for extra impact

Increasingly popular are 2.35:1 aspect ratio screens (Cinemascope) along with an anamorphic projector / lens combination. Much wider than the standard 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, 2.35:1 screens allow you to watch movies in their true native format without displaying black bars above and below the image, whilst maximising the brightness.

All of the home cinema projectors we sell are native 1080p resolution, and we will carefully select a model to exactly suit your room and your budget. We supply the best projectors on the market from manufacturers including Digital Projection, Runco, Avielo (Projection Design), Cineversum, Panasonic, Sony, Epsom and JVC. The projection screens we use are of the very highest quality from Screen Research, Stewart Filmscreen, Vutec and Draper Inc.

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