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Intelligent Lighting

Bring warmth and character into your home with a professionally installed Lutron Homeworks intelligent lighting system.

Set The Mood

Often referred to as scene or mood lighting, intelligent lighting systems allow you to set different lighting 'scenes' at the touch of a button, and to dim lights and areas from more than one location. For instance, a 'Dinner Party' button might dim the chandelier to 50%, turn the wall lights to 25%, and play some suitable music.


Press a single button to illuminate a subtle pathway though your home, from the bedroom to the WC at night time, for example. Other features might include an ALL-OFF button by the front door to turn off all the lights in the home.

Our lighting systems are fully compatible with our home automation and security systems. An intruder will cause all the lights in the house to strobe on and off. Smoke detectors can be configured to turn the lights on. In an emergency, push the ALL-ON button to instantly illuminate all the home lights. The system learns your behavior and can be programmed to mimic you when you are away in an effort to fool would-be burglars.

Environmentally Friendly

Intelligent lighting systems prolong bulb life by running the lamps more effectively and use less electricity. When integrated with PIR sensors, lights can switch off automatically after a period on inactivity. These energy savings add up to a significant and positive impact on the environment, not to mention your pocket.

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