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Control Stations

Control Stations are low voltage keypads that replace traditional rocker light switches. They provide the interface between the user and the intelligent lighting processor and are equipped with one or many soft-touch buttons as well as visual feedback for indicating status.

Control Stations perform a number of tasks. Their buttons allow users to select lighting scenes, raise or lower levels, or select any other programmed system function. They may also be programmed to communicate with non-lighting systems such as audio visual equipment or electric blinds.

All lighting settings can easily be changed

A traditional light switch can only be used to switch on or off a predetermined circuit, and changing the behaviour of it would require major rewiring and chasing cables into walls. A low-voltage lighting keypad on the other hand, can be reprogrammed at any time quickly and easily to suit the owner's requirements.

More siting options

Control Stations are wired using a single low-voltage cable making them much easier to locate than normal light switches. They are available in an enormous elegant range of metal or plastic finishes and they fit into standard UK back boxes. Some of the control stations we supply are equipped with attractive backlit text to provide a clear indication of each button's purpose and making them easy to locate in the dark.

Full Spectrum supply intelligent lighting systems and control stations from Lutron as well as iLight and Rako.

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