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Dimming Modules

Electronic dimming modules form the bulk of intelligent lighting systems. They are the units which all of the lighting circuits are connected to. Robust and energy efficient, these modules constantly monitor the circuit loads and report their status back to the processor. The processor in turn receives button pushes from the lighting control stations and commands the dimming modules to adjust the lighting circuits to the desired levels.

The dimming modules can be configured to work with all types of lighting loads including incandescent, electronic and magnetic low voltage, neon cold-cathode, fluorescent and LED fittings. Modules can also be configured to drive high-current non-dimmable loads such as outdoor sodium lamps.

Save money and help save resources

Intelligent lighting systems can present enormous financial savings over time in your eco-friendly smart home. Lighting equates to 20% of the average home's electricity bill and dimming your lights just 25% saves 20% of the energy used. The gentle dimming action of a module on a light bulb ensures that bulbs are far less likely to blow at switch on or switch off. An incandescent light bulb lasts up to 20 times longer when dimmed by just 50%.

In a new build property it is preferred to locate all of the dimming modules in one or two locations and to star-wire all of the lighting circuits back to them. This simplifies the installation and provides for easier access for maintenance. Dimming modules may also be spread throughout the property and this is often an option for retrofitting a house with an intelligent lighting system.

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