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Lighting Processors

Sitting at the heart of an intelligent lighting system is the control processor. This robust 'under the bonnet' technology interprets button pushes from the control stations around the home and commands the dimming packs to set their channels to the required levels.

The processor stores and recalls all of the lighting scenes, monitors the health and status of the dimming modules, and contains a time clock for automating lighting events. Intelligent lighting processors are also equipped with interfaces allowing communication with other systems such as electric blinds and audio visual equipment.

More than just mood lighting

Some processors are also equipped with security functions and are designed with an interface for connection to alarm systems. Upon receiving indication of an intruder alarm, the lighting processor cleverly strobes all of the dimming packs providing an attention-grabbing visual help signal to complement the alarm's sirens. Similarly upon receiving a smoke alarm trigger, the processor illuminates a pre-programmed group of lights that help to indicate pathways to the building's exits.

On most of the systems we install, we provide a secure web connection to the lighting processor allowing us to easily make programming changes and to make 'virtual' maintenance calls. We supply intelligent lighting systems from Lutron, iLight and Rako.

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