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Scene Lighting

The primary reason for installing an intelligent lighting system is the ability to call up lighting scenes.

Convenient and powerful lighting control

In a conventionally wired house one switch or dimming knob is required for each individual lighting circuit. In a large room with several lighting circuits this could entail multiple wall plates and the requirement to adjust four or five dimming knobs just to achieve the desired lighting effect. An intelligent lighting system allows you to recall the desired lighting effect, or scene, with a single button push.

Lighting scenes are recalled from single one-gang keypads called control stations, and only one control station is required per room. A control station may have up to four or five buttons, each programmed with an individual lighting scene.

A typical scenario might entail pressing a single button labelled 'Evening'. This could automatically set the low-voltage downlights to 50%, the wall lights to 60% and a pair of table lamps to 70%.

A control station is not just restricted to controlling the lights within the room that it is located in. Any button on any control station can be programmed to control to any of the lighting circuits within the building. A 'House Off' button located on a control station by the front door could recall a scene that involved switching every lighting circuit in the building to 0%.

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