Music and movies in every room
THXISFDolby Digital

Multi Room Audio and HD Video

We supply multi-room AV systems from a variety of manufacturers, all offering excellent quality and varying degrees of functionality, tailored to suit your exact needs.

Digital Content

Our range of media servers allow you to digitally store your entire DVD and CD collection, delivering content to projectors, televisions and loudspeakers around your home. Say goodbye to scratched CDs or DVD and an unsightly collection of disc cases taking up your shelf space.

Slot your iPod into one of our docking stations and you can control and listen to that iPod from any room in your home.


Our systems can be as visible or discreet as you please. We supply an enormous range of loudspeakers ranging from traditional floor-standing and bookshelf models, to very high quality in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. We can supply speakers fabricated from glass, speakers disguised as pieces of artwork, and even completely invisible loudspeakers.


We supply the very latest Full HD 1080p display devices, including projectors and LCD, plasma and OLED flat-screen televisions. These devices are all fully customizable with a variety of motorized lifts and concealment devices. We even supply a lift that automatically stores a plasma screen under the bed when not in use.

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