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Multi Room Audio Controllers

A multi-room audio controller has a number of digital or analogue audio inputs which can be routed to any or many of a number of room outputs, together with control over volume and perhaps bass and treble. Less expensive models will contain built in amplification allowing for direct connection to loudspeakers. Higher-end units will require external amplification.

Built in or wireless keypads are available

Some manufacturers provide systems supplied with their own keypads, such as the excellent value Grand Concerto system from NuVo Technologies. Other systems, the Sonos for instance, use their own wireless controllers. Both the Sonos and the NuVo have proper two way control allowing for easy browsing of albums, artists and tracks as well as source selection and volume control.

The more bespoke installations that we carry out will utilise a multi-room controller that requires third-party control, usually provided by Crestron, AMX or Philips Pronto touch-panel controllers. These controllers can be built into the wall or are wireless, are custom programmed for each installation, and afford control over other systems such as lighting and heating, for instance. We supply high-end audio controllers manufactured by AutoPatch, Crestron and Audio Design Associates.

There are a variety of excellent quality multi-channel amplifiers on the market, with plenty of power for driving loudspeakers in remote locations. From four channels to sixteen channels, we have a custom solution for every installation, supplying amplifiers from Audio Design Associates, Speakercraft, Crestron, Rotel and Parasound.

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