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HD Video Distribution

HDMI cables have greatly simplified the way that consumers connect video devices, allowing for the highest quality signal transfer for high-definition resolutions. Unfortunately the HDMI revolution has caused significant problems within the custom install industry, mainly due to restrictions in the length of cable that can be used before the signal breaks down. A 1080p Deep Colour signal cannot be transmitted much over ten metres using an expensive high quality HDMI cable.

For a large home that has multiple high-definition video sources and several displays perhaps 30 or 40 metres from the equipment rack, running a load of HDMI cables around the house is not going to work. While component (YUV) signals are perfectly capable of transmitting 1080p signals over long distances, these connections are now either non-existent on source equipment, or are manufactured not to output high definition video signals. This has been orchestrated by the movie industry in their continual battle to prevent software piracy.

Fortunately several manufacturers have worked hard to get around the problem of HD Video distribution. A variety of switchers and interfaces allow HDMI signals to be converted to a format transmittable over proprietary copper or fibre-optic cables. Crestron in particular have done an excellent job with their new Digital Media distribution equipment. Other manufacturers who have worked hard to provide solutions include HD-Fury, Gefen, and Smart-e.

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