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iPod Docking Stations

Back in 1979 Sony revolutionised the way we listened to music with a portable cassette player called the Walkman. People were able to enjoy their music on the go and the Walkman became an enormous success. As technology progressed, Sony kept the brand name producing CD Walkmans in the 80s and Mini-Disc Walkmans in the 90s.

Nowadays most music collections are stored on hard drives or solid state memory, and are commonly referred to as MP3 files after the commonest compression format. There are thousands of different portable media players to choose from, and of course Sony manufactures a range of MP3 Walkmans.

However, by far the most successful portable music device in recent years has been Apple's iPod. Launched at the end of 2001, Apple has now sold over 200 million iPods globally.

Take your music all over the house

This device is no longer confined to the pocket though, and we supply a range of docking stations that allow users to connect their favourite portable device to their home audio system. Available as either desktop or in-wall versions, these docking stations allow for full control over the iPod via touch-screen controllers, keypads or remote controls. Music can be routed all over a property from a single iPod and enjoyed through proper hi-fi speakers instead of earphones.

The docking stations also allow for synchronisation with the home media server, ensuring that you can enjoy your music collection wherever you go.

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