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Some would argue that the advent of digital television has opened up choice for the consumer, others would disagree. One thing for certain is that it has provided many, many more channels to browse through. The problem with a Digibox is that it only allows you to watch one channel at a time (Sky Plus also allows you to record a different program simultaneously).

Each family member can have their own sky box

A Sky Multiroom subscription allows you to add several more Digiboxes at the same address for a nominal extra monthly fee. Using a single dish and a small electronic box called a multi-switch, Full Spectrum Integration can distribute the Sky feed around the home allowing you to connect independent Digiboxes wherever you have a television (unlike Sky's own installers we will take the care to hide the cables within your walls, rather than crudely nailing them to the skirting boards).

A more sophisticated solution is to locate all of the Sky Digiboxes at a single location (eg within an equipment rack or cupboard), and to allocate one Digibox per household member. Mum can have her own box and view it wherever she is in the house, and Dad can do the same. So can each of the kids, with all family members being able to replay their own Sky Plus recorded programs wherever they are in the home. Arguments over whether Dad gets to watch the rugby, or mum watches her series are over.

Of course, the high definition signal from the Digibox is maintained and distributed around the home using our clever HD distribution technology. The rooms with televisions are kept clutter-free as the Digiboxes are located out of view elsewhere. Home automation control also allows you to restrict the times when TVs can be switched on, ensuring that your kids aren't watching television when they should be asleep or revising for their exams.

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