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Waterproof TV

No longer the sole domain of the lounge, TV screens are everywhere nowadays. In kitchens and bedrooms, in pubs and on buses, on mobile phones and in the back seats of luxury cars, it seems that we cannot get enough television. Like an Orwellian nightmare, our obsession with TV has persuaded manufacturers to design screens into everything.

TV in the bathroom

Now you can even have television in your bathroom. Ideal for the busy professional who needs to catch up on the news and markets while she is shaving her legs in the morning, or for the weary house-husband immersing his mind in a soap opera as he enjoys a bubble bath after a hard day's chores.

From a small 15" unit right up to a 40" model for the most luxurious bathrooms, all of our waterproof TVs exceed EU safety requirements and come in a variety of finishes. The most popular units double as mirrors when not in use. Flush-mounted and grouted in with the tiles, they are totally waterproof and can even be used in wet-rooms.

TV in the kitchen

We also supply TVs that can be easily integrated into fitted kitchen units. Manufactured to the same size as a standard kitchen cupboard door, these televisions will add real luxury and convenience to what is often the most popular room in the home.

TV outside

Waterproof TVs can even be fitted into the patio or deck area. This can be fantastic for watching sports events on a summer evening as you sit with your mates drinking cold beers around a barbeque.

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