Protect your home and loved ones
THXISFDolby Digital

Security and Surveillance

With our intruder alarm and CCTV systems you can keep an eye on your property from around the world, around the clock.

Extra Protection

We can provide extra security for your home, holiday home or garden - anywhere you need the reassurance of real time CCTV monitoring to see who's coming and going. Motion sensors can send instant alerts to your computer or mobile phone - log in instantly to see what's happening from anywhere in the world. All images are recorded and footage can be used in court.

Peace of Mind

If you need to check up on the babysitter or your builders, catch vandals in the act, or stop worrying about your partner's fidelity, real time CCTV Monitoring allows you to see exactly what goes on in your absence. Recording can be triggered by motion sensors and alerts can be sent to your mobile or computer instantly.

Appear to be in, even when you're not

Turn lights or household appliances on and off, open doors or gates to allow deliveries or work access (and then monitor people you give access to) - all using your computer, touch-screen or mobile 'phone. Our security systems integrate completely with our home automation systems. Motion sensors can be used to turn on lights or even audio visual equipment.

Affordable, Bespoke Systems

Any number of cameras and other devices can be configured to suit your individual requirements. We can fit a hidden camera into any item you can imagine and you can view footage on any remote computer using secure software and encrypted passwords.

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