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Access Control

Entry Phone Systems

After a front door key, the simplest and most common access control system is an external entryphone panel that allows a visitor to communicate with a home's inhabitants. Upon establishing the identity of the visitor, the inhabitants can choose to electronically release the lock on the front door by pressing a button from the internal entryphone, or they can send the visitor on their way.

Video Systems

With a video entryphone system, or with CCTV, the inhabitants do not even need to speak to the visitor. On hearing the doorbell, a quick glance at a video monitor will reveal the identity of the visitor - perhaps a canvassing politician or Jehovah's Witness - and they can be conveniently ignored.

Customised, simple control panels

Most off-the-shelf internal video entry handsets are not particularly attractive so we try to eliminate them from our installations. Instead we use video-capable touch panel controllers, unifying all of the electronic systems into smart intuitive controls and eliminating unnecessary clutter from the walls. We also use PIP (Picture in Picture) features on televisions and projectors to automatically bring up an image of a visitor in the corner of the screen if you are watching a program.

Other examples of access control are electric gates and garage doors, both of which we can supply or simply advise your builders on suitable models that allow for easy integration. We even have experience installing biometric (fingerprint) locks for additional security and foolproof access control.

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