Protect your home and loved ones
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CCTV Systems

Deter trespassers and thieves

Overt CCTV cameras provide excellent preventative protection for your property, immediately deterring the majority of opportunist thieves. Additionally, high-quality recorded CCTV images can prove invaluable when trying to establish the identity of the more determined intruder.

Keep an eye on your home from across the world

Covert cameras are an excellent way of monitoring the interior of your property, be it for keeping an eye on your children, or perhaps checking to see if the baby-sitter is behaving in a responsible manner. The cameras can be hidden just about anywhere, offering you discreet protection and peace of mind when you are away from your home.

All of our CCTV systems allow for secure remote access to both live and recorded footage. By accessing a private website via a PC, PDA or mobile telephone and entering the correct security credentials, you gain immediate access to the CCTV system allowing you to check up on your property, children, babysitter or spouse.

Footage playback doesn't interfere with recording

Our CCTV systems employ rugged digital video recorders (DVRs) to constantly record time-coded images to high-capacity hard disc drives. The DVRs can be set to record over a two or three week cycle and the random access nature of hard drives allows you to immediately search for and review a time period without interrupting the recording process. Built in DVD drives allow you to archive footage should you require.

Of course, all of our CCTV systems can be completely integrated into our AV and home automation systems allowing for high quality viewing on plasma and LCD screens or even home cinema projectors around your home.

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