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Backed by decades of experience  we provide tailored, high-performance technology solutions for homes, yachts, boardrooms, hospitality and retail spaces. Our services include home cinemas, multi-room audio and video, 'Smart Home' control systems, intelligent mood lighting, secure networking & WiFi infrastructure, access control and CCTV. We can even improve mobile telephone reception within your property.

home cinema install

From apartments to superyachts, luxury homes to nightclubs, and from boardrooms to retail spaces; we have a huge range of successful projects under our belt. Working closely with architects, designers and developers, our work has taken us all over the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Audio & Video

 audio visual installation

Play high-definition music independently and on demand through loudspeakers anywhere around your home. Use your favourite streaming service or access your entire personal audio and video collection via one of our media servers to provide instant playback, wherever you are.


Watch movies, TV shows or You Tube channels on the latest 4K or 8K display devices in any room. Projectors and flat-panel televisions are fully customisable with a variety of motorised lifts and concealment devices.

Our systems can be as visible or as discreet as you please. We supply an enormous range of loudspeakers ranging from traditional floor-standing and bookshelf models, to very high quality in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. We can supply speakers fabricated from glass, speakers disguised as pieces of artwork, weatherproof speakers, and concealed 'invisible' loudspeakers.

For the ultimate audio experience, ask us about our Steinway Lyngdorf systems.

Audio & Video

Home Cinema

Our custom-designed home cinema installations offer the ultimate in home entertainment and will amaze you and your friends.

If space allows, we can provide a truly immersive experience by dedicating a room solely for use as a cinema. Large-format displays producing crisp bright images, coupled with the latest object-based surround-sound audio systems can also be complemented by authentic luxury cinema seating.


Most of our clients choose a more versatile ‘media’ room, normally a lounge or games room, which doubles up as a home cinema. Our huge range of loudspeakers, displays, mood-lighting, window treatments, and mechanised lifts, backed up with years of design and integration experience, allow our systems to be completely unobtrusive whilst providing the ultimate in sound and image quality.

home cinema installtion
Home Cinema

Mood Lighting

mood lighting

Bring warmth and character into your home with a professionally installed Lutron Homeworks lighting system and our in-house lighting design service.

Often referred to as 'scene' or 'mood' lighting, intelligent lighting systems allow you to set different lighting presets at the touch of a button, and to dim lights and areas from multiple locations.


We have worked on some of the most stunning homes in the world and have a vast experience specifying and laying out beautiful light fittings.


Intelligent lighting systems use less electricity and can improve bulb life. When integrated with PIR sensors, lights can switch off automatically after a period on inactivity. 

Our systems provide the upmost convenience along with great beauty, energy savings and a near-boundless level of control.

Mood Lighting

Blinds & Curtains

Lighting design is as much about controlling the daylight in your home as it is about generating artificial light.

We have a huge range of automated window treatments available including Roman, roller, and Venetian blinds along with curtains, shutters, and privacy glass. Our electronic drive units are both reliable and virtually inaudible.

We can provide blinds and curtains in almost any fabric to suit the tastes and requirements of your project. Materials range from the thinnest of sheers to total blackout suitable for home cinemas. 

All of our window treatments are custom-made to measure and can fully integrate with the other electronic systems.

motorised blinds
Window Treaments

Control Systems

home automation

Custom-programmed hardware operates behind the scenes, communicating with the various technologies that are built into the home. We aim to eliminate the unsightly clutter of remote controls, light-switches, thermostats and keypads, and replace them with single, elegant user interfaces. These can either be designer remotes, smartphones, tablets or wall-mounted touchscreens. Of course we can also integrate with SIri & Alexa.

Tasks can be automated to suit your requirements – lights can be triggered with movement, and blinds with the summer heat. Loud music can be automatically turned down when somebody calls at the door or on the telephone. CCTV cameras can be remotely viewed on your smartphone, and the 'mood' of a room can automatically change to suit whoever is using it. Your heating can be remotely activated  to  ensure that your home is warm and cosy on your return.

Our systems allow you to monitor and control all aspects of your home via the internet or your smartphone.

Control Sysems

Access Control

We supply and install automated vehicle and pedestrian gates, roller shutter doors for garages and outbuildings, and digital door entry systems.

Our entry systems incorporate vandal-proof external panels that provide two way communication and high-quality video to internal door stations, touch-panels or smartphones.

Our roller shutters are made from high-security,  insulated aluminium panels manufactured in any RAL colour to suit your property.  Made-to-measure secure vehicle and pedestrian gates may operate on a swing or sliding  mechanism and are custom manufactured.

We also provide key-fob access control technology including completely concealed sensors. Please enquire for details.

access control
Access Control

Networking & IT


The IT infrastructure in your home provides the foundation upon which all the other electronic systems are built. It is absolutely essential and needs to be fast, secure and reliable.

We specify commercial grade equipment for both the wired and wireless parts of our installations, ensuring that your network connection is as seamless and reliable as your electricity supply.

This will only increase in importance as we head into the future and more and more devices come online.  Any cable infrastructure that we install will cover your property for many years, if not decades, to come.


Security & CCTV

We supply the latest AI-equipped CCTV systems that utilise facial-recognition, automatic number plate recognition, video analytics, and a host of other technologies, such as the ability to detect facemasks.

The cameras use extremely high resolutions that can be viewed (and heard) live or for playback on secured smartphones and other electronic devices.

We also work closely with alarm companies to ensure that intruder and fire  alarm systems are correctly integrated with our security, access control and lighting systems.

Our systems give our clients the peace of mind to know that their homes and families  are protected with the very latest technologies. 

cctv installer
Security & CCTV


Full Spectrum Integration has over three decades' experience designing and installing high performance home cinemas, multi-room audio-visual systems, 'smart' home automation, network infrastructure and intelligent lighting (mood lighting).

It is a small, friendly company founded and owned by Matt Atkinson, an acknowleged expert within the industry. Matt has a passion for high-quality audio and video systems and an obsessive attention to detail. Along with his small team, he maintains a very personal, hands-on service for a wide selection of discerning clients.

We always aim to find the simplest and most elegant solutions by listening carefully to our clients, and customising proven technologies  to suit their individual requirements.

home cinema installation


We would love to hear from you if you wish to discuss your smart-home, home cinema or mood lighting project. Please get in touch using the details below or use the form to send us a short message and we will get right back to you.

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